easyjet saved my life (and my laptop) – Terry Pullin

easyjet saved my life (and my laptop)

I’m so grateful to easyjet and the wonderful people at First Flight who run the service behind www.airlinelostproperty.com I thought I’d write up the story of how they saved my life.

I would rather leave the house for work naked than without my laptop! Sad really, it’s true though.

Business took me to Glasgow last week and I got speedy boarding so I could sit at the front of the plane on the way back, (you know how it takes forever to get off the plane if you sit in row 23) I wanted to get home to the girls for story time.

As soon as we landed I called a taxi and then we had a bit of a drive around the airport in the plane, it’s a long way to the north terminal at Gatwick from the end of the runway.

When the seatbelt sign went off, like an 18 year old touching down in Ibiza I shot out of my seat, grabbed my bag from the overhead locker and waited impatiently for the doors to open.

Just like train strike days at London Bridge I was off, head down, pensioners and children seen only as obstacles on my assault course to the taxi collection point.

Three escalators, two sets of one-way only doors and I was out of the airside section. As I exited the terminal building to meet the freezing cold air of a Friday night in March, it struck me……… My laptop was in the seat pocket of the plane!

Panic, embarrassment, fear all hit me in a split second! Knowing it was pointless I checked my bag and sure enough there was no laptop.

I shot back in, explaining briefly to my colleague from work whom I’d left behind while selfishly focused on my own exit plan and shot back inside. Noticed some poor girl with an easyjet uniform and asked her what I should do.

She directed me to the customer service booth and the guy there explained that obviously I couldn’t just wonder back airside (remember all that security you go through to catch a flight) and there was a procedure to follow. The procedure was basically that I couldn’t do anything more at the airport, so I went and met the taxi and went home.

I tweeted to @easyjet on twitter and the re-explained the process to follow, so I filled out the online form and waited my fait.

On Monday morning I was on a call to a colleague at work when a call came in from a number with the area code for the number I was told I could call if I wanted to check on the progress. Of course I hung up on my important call with Alex and answered the phone.

There she was, Nikki, my hero of the moment. I was excited, she was excited too and she proceeded to confirm they had the laptop and after I proved it was mine she took just £27 from me and sorted out delivery back of my beautiful Mac.

Tuesday, 12:57pm (5 minutes after the start of the 1-hour delivery window DPD had text me, not everything can be perfect), it arrived, in perfect condition, everything how it should be and it was almost as exciting as the birth of my children (though a little more messy because they had used shredded paper to pack out the box), my laptop was safe and sound.

Thank you easyjet cabin crew, process organisers and especially Nikki and her team at airline lost property, I am very very very grateful!

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