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Health improvement for my wheel of life

Since my visit to Unleash the Power Within back in April 2017 (it’s June now) I’ve been super focused on a number of areas of my life.

I have never made such great progress in such a short period of time and am really pleased with my investment in the seminar. During the weekend we looked at our wheel of life. The 8 areas of life which are key to success and happiness.

By far my biggest area for improvement was in my body & health. I wasn’t exactly a mess, compared to other areas though I could see that making some improvements would bring me more in balance and then let me push on with other things I want to improve. 

Diet is one of the areas I have made significant progress.

I was already pretty vegetarian, however in the run up to April this year I was letting the odd bacon sandwich slip in to my weekly routine. Meat is ok in moderation, since UPW I’ve made this moderation more once a month than once a week and it’s had a great effect on me.

I’ve also been very conscious of everything else I eat. I’m starting every day with vegetables and good fats, in the form of a smoothie. Pretty much completely eliminated sugar from my diet and massively reduced carbohydrates.

The main focus of my diet though is on staying alkaline. Green is good. My biggest take away from the health part of UPW was about pH levels. It just made massive sense to me that given the choice I would rather put something Alkaline in my body than something Acid. I’m confident well over 80% of my intake is food and drink in the Alkaline section of this chart:


Exercise has been key.

Again I wasn’t unfit. I play sport regularly, I walked a fair distance every day and could put some time in on a treadmill if needed.

I’ve now made it routine to exercise. I go to the gym every day. I run 5k at least twice a week and always walk to work rather than catch the bus. I’m feeling so fit now.

This additional exercise has shown the most improvement in my body, and given me the most benefit in energy levels. I literally feel energised so much more. I sleep less and feel better, I run more and get less worn out and my body looks incredible considering the short period of time I’ve been working out. Another 6 months of this and I will be hench!

Mind health is important too

A lot of us exercise our body, how often do we exercise our mind.

I’m not talking about word searches or reading, we need these types of mind exercise to grow other areas of the wheel, I’m talking about mindfulness.

Each morning now, and 2/3 time a week during the day I’m getting some time to meditate. I’ve been using the priming exercise we learnt at UPW (if you listen to that and haven’t done it before, the beginning part will be really weird) and then using some time in a sauna to do some meditation which I’ve loosely based on Meditation of Twin Hearts.

I’ve found that carrying this out has helped me focus, a lot, on what’s happening in the day, what I want to happen in the weeks and months ahead, and just generally on myself as a whole, which is really important.


What’s been the results?

 At UPW I scored myself at a 4 for health. I would now score myself at least an 8. I look much thinner, stronger and importantly I feel like I have so much more energy.

Energy, as you can image, is what gives me the ability to improve other areas of life. I’ve never quite managed to write new content, come up with new prospecting ideas and campaigns at work, make more cold calls, play with my kids and get excited about my future when all I want to do is have a bit of a sit down because I’m tired.

Though the exercise has made the most visual improvements on my body, I know without the correct diet and mental improvements it is not enough on it’s own.

So watch this space, as well as achieving my new ultimate health goal of looking hench, I’m going to see this new improved health have benefits in lots of areas of my success and wellbeing.

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