I’m a bad ass firewalker and nothing can stop me! – Terry Pullin

I’m a bad ass firewalker and nothing can stop me!

That’s it, I’m unleashed, get out of my way because I am coming through!!!!

Finally, after 4 years of ‘hoping’ to attend, I made it to the Tony Robbin event in London called “Unleash the Power Within”, and it was everything I hoped and more.

As well as a constant reminder to myself, this blog will give my view on what the event is like, what I learnt and what I’m going to do with it.

Check out a little video here: UPW London

What is UPW like to attend?

I’ve kept one eye on self-development over the past 7 or 8 years, I try and read, listen and watch at least something from which I can learn something about myself and others to help me become a better husband, dad, brother, son and business person every month.

Going to the event is like consuming at least a year’s worth of content in 4 days.

One of the keys to learning and doing anything in life is to do it from a really high state of mind and body, so the event is full of music, dancing, hugging, high fives and even massage to keep this state up all the time….. It’s a bit like being at a 4 day rave!

We walked on a bed of burning hot coals, we shared our deepest fears and highest desires with ourselves and others, plus we learned or reminded ourselves of the simple things that make life great.


What did I learn?

Since I started to get interested in personal development I have been focused on how it can help me with my career and to make more money. I went to UPW with the expectation of empowering myself with more confidence and skills to enhance this even further.

What I actually learnt was to look again at what I want financial success for….. my family.

I was deeply moved by parts of the event, making me realise that yes financial freedom is a goal for the future and will make life even better, however gaining it shouldn’t be at the expense of love for and from my family in the short term, or what’s the point in the financial freedom in the future…… to spend my future with no love?

This came as a surprise to me, and I really enjoyed it. Yes, I have even more certainty that I’m going to have financial freedom later in life, however I am now totally motivated to love people close to me even more than before.

I also learnt more about how to keep your body and mind healthy for maximum energy. With high levels of energy and health you can achieve much much more. I learnt to meditate, maintain a high level of alkaline in my body and to become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner.


What am I going to do now?

I’ve already started!

I now have a complete plan on where my financial freedom is going to come from. My plan is detailed, time sensitive and I’m already taking massive action toward it. UPW helped me plan the finer details of what I already had in my mind.

Most importantly, I’ve started to think and act with the thought of love in my mind.

I’m showing love for my wife, my kids and the rest of my family and friends more than I can every remember and this is going to grow and grow as time moves forward.

Another important area for development for me is in health of the mind and body. I’ve almost completely eliminated sugar from my diet, I eat kale, spinach and avocado for breakfast and exercise everyday.

Am I glad I did it and would I do it again?

Lot’s of people have asked if I’d do it again, seems it’s the mark of how good it was in the first place……. the answer is YES, definitely. I would probably give it a few years because a reminder every now and then is never a bad thing.



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