Is Disney World a good holiday? – Terry Pullin

Is Disney World a good holiday?


That’s it!


Only joking, that would make for a blog that required significant improvement.

Not long back from a family holiday to Disney World in Florida, I would like to share my experience with my small forum with a view to giving information which might form part of your decision to go.

My Wife, two daughter and mother and father in-law spent a ridiculous amount of money (not bragging, it’s true) on what I can only describe as the most amazing holiday experience of my life.

I keep telling people that the thing I liked about the holiday most was seeing my children having a great time experiencing situations and people they would never get to experience anywhere else in the world….. second to that was that I spend a fortune and feel like I got every single pennies worth of value, I would have spent twice as much if I’d know how good it was going to be.

After wishing to take my children to Disney since before they were born, then working hard and earning the money to do it, the experience starts from when you book the flights.

I booked our Virgin Atlantic flights 10 months before we left, initially I was a little annoyed that you must pay in full at the time of booking (I could have made the £6000 in to more than £6000 in nearly a year), however it was worth it.

We went in Premium Economy, which is less than double the cost of normal economy and in my opinion more than double better value. There’s plenty of leg room, arm space and service. We went in the upstairs bit of the 747 and it’s nice a quiet up there and small, which makes you feel like you are not on a monster of an aeroplane.

Arriving at Orlando Airport was the only part of the whole holiday that could have been improved. Going in through US customs takes ages and we made a mistake of letting the airport take our luggage from the other side of customs to the main terminal which took ages.

Our ridiculously big, comfortable and uneconomical gas guzzling Infinity QX80 SUV was amazing to drive and fitted 6 of us in perfectly. We booked with Avis and they provided a really great service too, easy to pick up and drop off the car and right by the airport terminal. You really need to book in advance to make sure you don’t get confused on insurances and pay too much.

And I’m really grateful to the owners of our amazing Villa in Emerald Island Resort for not only sharing the most incredible house (with the biggest beds you will ever see) with us, being so courteous and responsive for the 9 months before we arrived when I had questions.

They probably won’t appreciate it because I expect they pay more commission, however I was very impressed with booking through too. You get an app with all the details in one place plus the comfort of ordering from a big reputable website.

What was also great about the Villa was the service from the local management company. We went in February so not exactly peak season, I suspect no one had been there for a few weeks before and we found a couple of things that needed attention. I phoned and Andy arranged for someone to come and address the issues within a couple of ours.

I’m going to talk about Disney in a minute, however first I just want to recommend that if you haven’t been to Disney before and your kids are under 7 years old, get a pushchair (stroller they are called out there). It’s absolutely miles walking around the parks and my kids would have been miserable in the weren’t in the buggie.

I booked a stroller online with and their service was incredible too. They delivered the stroller at the EXACT time I asked for it and we just left it in the club house at Emerald Island at the end of the holiday and they came and picked it up.

Now, Disney World, what’s that like. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like Disney then why don’t you stop being such a sour puss! It’s a bit of fun you miserable so and so, lighten up.

Is it worth me describing every ride, attraction, character meet? No, for this blog I just want to highlight a word I’ve used a number of times already, “service”.

In the UK we get used to buying something and getting it. In America you buy something and the way it is delivered to you is an experience of it’s own.

Disney World, aside from the rides and the characters and the shows (phenomenal) is an experience, and I would say that the level of service is so astronomically high you don’t buy a ticket to a theme park, you buy a luxury experience.

Also a must do for the same reasons is Discovery Cove. We didn’t do the Dolphin Experience because only one of the girls was old enough, however the whole place is like going on a luxury tropical all inclusive holiday for a day.

I was gutted when it came to an end, then happy to find the Virgin Atlantic luggage check-in at the Disney Springs shopping centre, which meant we could drop our bags off early and spend the day luggage free and without the grief of having to check them in at the airport.

Would I describe Disney World Florida a good place to go on holiday? No, I would describe Disney World as an essential place to go on holiday and I encourage you to do what I am doing right now… saving up to go again as soon as I possibly can.