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What’s the point in my Terry Pullin personal blog?

This is my first post on my Terry Pullin website. Do I have it because I am a big-headed nutcase? Am I trying to get something from it? Will it help me or you in anyway?

Honestly I don’t know the answers, it seems like a good thing to have in the modern age of the internet, so I’ve just got on with it and here we are.

I didn’t just pluck the idea out of thin air, nor do I have no plans on what I will post about, so here’s the reasons I’ve got so far and perhaps you have some interest in coming back and seeing how it develops.

Where the idea to create a Terry Pullin personal website came from

In the last 7/8 years I’ve tried to get better at my job as a sales person. One of the ways I have been doing this has been to read lots of books. The idea for creating a personal website for Terry Pullin .com was from one of these sales books.

The book was called “21.5 Unbreakable Rules of Selling” by Jeffery Gitomer. I intent to write a blog about some of the books I’ve read, which will include more detail on this book, I’ll say no more now than it inspired me to create my own personal website.

If you check out Jeffery’s website, you’ll get a feel that the purpose for creating a personal blog is to mainly promote your personal brand, for mainly professional situation, for me though this site is not just about that………….

What is the point in my personal Terry Pullin blog?

I believe we all have plenty of good to share in life, so I want to use this site to do just that. Whether anyone ever reads it, who knows, the previous iteration of my website was receiving a couple of hundred visitors a month so it shows you that someone somewhere is googling your name.

There are many people, pastimes and professional situations in my life I am very proud of, plus I try and live by a few core values, so why not share my opinion on them?

My intention is to write about nice situations I experience with my family. Good times I have in my personal life and things I experience or enjoy about my professional career.

At the time of writing this, things going on in my life I expect to write a little about include:

Family – I’m blessed with a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters, as well as a great extended family including parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, a nephew, brother and brother and sisters in-law.

Personal life – Friends, hobbies, clubs, sports, interests, views and opinions

Professional life – I really enjoy my work, both the job I have and the customers I meet and work with along the way.

Why go through with it all?

I think most people choose not to create their own site because it’s quite a bit of work.

Through a couple of other interests which I am involved in, I have been creating written online content for quite a while now and I really enjoy it. So why not.

I would be over the moon if someone reads what I blog about and it helps them in some way. I’m equally happy just to create some blogs as a pastime. Perhaps it will be some use to someone in my family in the future once I’m gone. There’s a lot of possibilities for it.

As this is my first blog I don’t have anything to link to from here, so if you’ve read this far look around and see the tags and over posts. If there isn’t any then this is as far as I’ve ever come J

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